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Intro to Content Marketing for 2017


Anamarija Ledic· May 23, 2017

What are the questions you need to ask yourself to know if you are going the right way with your marketing plan?

It has become very clear the meaning and weight of content that is not about your products or services. It has become more adopted and important in the last past years.

According to a research of Content Marketing Institute, organisations that have documented content marketing strategy are more likely to be successful. So it happens we are too focused on talking about our services and products and not enough on providing the value beyond our targets.

Before some years ago, a company would spend 80% on content creation and 20 % on content promotion. Then a big change happened and now it is the other way around. Content promotion with advertising is around 80% and content creation only 20%. But the question is, is that the best option? Which option would give a better result or is this the best we can do?

We can mention few important content terms:

Influencer marketing has been a big hit for quite some time. I believe everyone expected this phase in marketing but nobody actually knew how long it will last. The most interesting part is, everyone has their own strategy and almost all of them had been successful.

The video is still a great choice and has great ROI, but viral videos are getting a lot of attention. Problem is, not a lot of viral videos have some actual structure and content. This is not going well for brands and it can make more damage in the future.

Technology is something we can’t ignore or postpone for a long time now. It is here and available and really exciting. Embrace it and you can only upgrade your content strategy. But remember, you need to have a strategy first.

Writing articles and blogging is still going strong, maybe more than ever. It takes more creativity than it sounds but it has a great impact.

Everyone will ask you about your company’s average ROI. You should know it has three components: cost, utilisation and performance. The most important advice here is to focus on engagement and not traffic.

And finally, sales. 'Sales' is such a big and general word. You can almost fall into a trap of thinking that you should not mix marketing and sales. Some of my most successful colleagues are from the sales department. With their skills sharpen in sales and information from the marketing department, they have enough to make a huge difference in your team. If you are not sure, ask them for help when you get stuck on some project.


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