Save your time and budget by doing proper product market fit before the design starts. It will help you define your product and it will impact how you operate your startup.

Stop guessing what your users want, like or dislike about your product. Leave the testing to us. We build great products by doing thorough user research.

We recruit test users. Recruiting is time consuming so we will do it for you. We will find the right people to test your idea/product so you can focus your time on other things. 

Emerging Technologies

We are very enthusiastic to design emerging technologies such as bot design, AR (augmented reality) design, wearable design, AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning.


Even before the start of design we can make extensive research and direct all efforts in right direction. Digital Business Model, Digital Product Strategy, Brand Definition, User Research & Persona Mapping, Digital User Journey Concept.

UX Design

We are experienced in building complete UX design of a mobile or web app. Services include; Strategy, Information architecure, Interaction design, Motion design, Visual design, Psychology, technology integration.

UI Design

UI design needs to be functional and attractive at the same time. Intraction needs to be super-fluid with minimal elements. Please take a look at our portfolio for great examples of design done for the clients.

Design Development Integration

With out extensive experience we can consult what design solutions can be easily implemented in development and what solutions will require a lot of development time. With this approach we save clients time and money.

iOS and Android Mobile App
Development with RESTful API

We code great code with great attention to details and design integration. In most of the project design is not properly implemented in development, especially spaces, sizes, transitions and animation. Mentioned "details" make all the difference between usable product and product that conveys unprofessional look.

Web Backend and Frontend Development

We have a great backend and frontend developers onboard. They will take care of speed and scalability of your web project.

Digital Marketing

We can guide you through the scary beginning of your project with planning, implementation, and analysis of Facbook, LinkedIn and web campaign. Or just hop in and help you reach your goals.