Case Study

Case Study #4 - Persona

UX Consultancy Guide for Clients
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UX Consultancy Guide for Clients
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The client CX team wanted to define the persona better to understand their customers. The client's priority was:

  • to empathize better
  • to determine which touchpoints have the most significant impact
  • key service drivers of customer behavior. 

The client knew they would be able to achieve a more systematic approach by implementing personas that will benefit the company in building future products.

The process

We ran a workshop with stakeholders to show them how personas apply to their business and how other companies were using them. We have also created simple exercises for the customer experience team for them to understand the benefits of personas and get all team members on board. 

After we ran workshops, interest from stakeholders and teams was high and everyone agreed on proceeding with persona creation.

Initially, we created a persona, to have as a reference, based on previously collected data and numerous hours spent talking with various teams and customers to understand the target audience. 

As we proceeded with the process of personas creation, we created several variations and refined them through additional workshops.   

With our and team's experience and knowledge, we were able to create a persona that indicated all critical points and complexity of the given task.


Teams and stakeholders have a better understanding of customers' priorities, motivations, and expectations of each segment of the service.  Teams can now focus more on personas during development and design discussions. 

Furter persona development focuses on end consumers of the service and their interactions more closely to help CX teams define new goals.