Case Study

eCommerce customer experience case study

UX Consultancy Guide for Clients
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UX Consultancy Guide for Clients
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The challenge

Our eCommerce client wanted to know how satisfied the customers are with their service. eCommerce metrics implementation and analysis allows the client to :

  • find out will the customer buy again
  • strategic overview of the satisfaction
  • understand does the experience needs change

We implemented for critical metrics:

  • NPS (Net Promoter Score)
  • CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score)
  • CES (Customer Effort Score)
  • GCR  (Goal Completion Rate)


We were able to define critical points for NPS, CSAT, CES, and GCR integration through workshops with stakeholders. 

Then we defined several key funnel points. For example, 

we implemented GCR at the end of a product search, and the NPS after the checkout process.

We were in constant communication with the clients regarding internal guidance for implementing new advanced tracking tools.


We have created for the client a few types of reports:

  • Crucial strategic metrics report  - to track critical metrics by individual service
  • Quality feedback report - for analysis of open-ended feedback from customers on communities
  • Interaction level alerts report - for specific touchpoints tracking on user flow level (UI level), requiring the CX team's immediate attention 

With continuous work and monitoring of customers' satisfaction, we provided our clients with the possibility to remain ahead of customers' needs.

Using the metrics enabled the client to:

  • solidify the relationship between the client's brand and its customers
  • improve resolve time for time-sensitive issues
  • identify new opportunities
  • understand the customer win and loose areas