Case Study

Retail customer experience case study

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UX Consultancy Guide for Clients
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The challenge

Our client, a retail company with global stores, wanted to provide unified and extensive customer experience. They wanted to know where are critical opportunities for improvement, collect consumers' impressions, and create customer journey maps for the client's online store. 

The process

We started with understanding the company's background, researched what the company did correctly, and indicated possible pain points for customers. We have also worked with the client's team to make onboarding easier and compare their methods to ours to have insight into how the company handles an online store. 

We were able to implement web analytics tools to get a first-hand understanding of how customers navigate the whole online store and see where the bottleneck is. 

We have spent numerous hours talking with the client's CX team and examining customer interaction recordings. After analyzing customer usage live Hotjar records and various customer usage data, we discussed possibilities and looked at combining new solutions with best practices.

We have created a roadmap for solving problems. Simplifying specific steps and removing unnecessary interactions was the part the team was most excited about and agreed on.


We noticed many uses had issues with inconsistency or lack of features that show up on other websites and applications customers were used to from recordings. Lack of standard features caused customers to break from their exploring stage; they focused more on user interface interaction patterns than on results themselves.

We offered several solutions with a prioritization list that works with our suggested roadmap based on the findings. 

Results enabled teams and stakeholders to get a broader range of understanding customers and their priorities. CX teams could see how adding certain new features could help their customers and improve the customer's journey.

The roadmap also showed which high-impact low-cost features attributed to better customer engagement and satisfaction.

Their CX team is now focusing more on observing customers' behavior and then iterate from there.

What we delivered:

  • customer journey map
  • pain points with prioritization
  • implemented simple CX measuring system
  • helped the internal CX team to focus on the customer
  • roadmap proposition