Case Study

Telecom customer experience case study

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UX Consultancy Guide for Clients
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The challenge

The client, who had a significant number of customers, wanted to know how their telecommunication platform benchmarked with competition and the pain points and priorities of customers.

The process

We have designed and developed a study that reveals customers' perspectives and let us analyze customer behavior when using online telecommunication platforms. With this approach, we were able to find answers to our client's specific questions about their service.

We conducted surveys and in-depth interviews and customer journey audit through a whole range of customers. We researched several target audiences to ensure we avoid creating biases.

We were able to get deep insights into how customers interact with the platform and understand obstacles customers came across. During interviews, we also made sure customers were familiar with testing devices to avoid creating technical obstacles. 


From research, we concluded that customers' were keen on using the platform and they were thrilled with the quality of video and audio calls.

The primary source of pain points was due to

  • small obstacles that frustrated the customer on multiple touchpoints
  • not enough personalization along the journey
  • not enough timely guidance
  • after sale support was lacking

We have identified the key points that were causing customers to stop using the client's platform.

Based on the findings, we offered our solution; a prioritization list to maximize the platform's potential and create a plan for the launch and growth of service. 

Results also enabled us to better understand the value range for customers and we were able to define the recommendations for all key pain points, which resulted in higher yield afterward.