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Must see Art Galleries Apps


Augmented reality is taking over many fields in the art world - some of the big museums have AR apps, and a lot of museums and galleries had AR exhibitions. All museums and galleries have websites and a certain number of them have mobile apps and shops integrated.

Before even more of them start implementing augmented reality, let's take a look at some of the cool galleries and museum/art mobile apps.  


This exciting AR app is taking the art world by storm. With AR you snap and get the information about the art and the artist. The most interesting part is that you can leave your notes or contact the artist. Read other artists comments and discover even more art. 

UBS Planet Art

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Planet Art gives you a valuable overview of the wide range of art news, reviews, and information. This app offers relevant topics, trending art cities and artists. It allows you to personalize your stream according to your interest. Planet Art helps you stay on top of the world of contemporary art by offering top information and news. The app does not have many ratings but the one that it has given a great rating.

Art Intelligence

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It’s an art library with four ios apps by now. Art Intelligence is a global team of digital experts and art cognoscenti using our collective art intelligence(AQ)to connect people to art and art to people. Art Inteligence is targeting galleries, auction houses, libraries, museums and universities to engage all members of the arts community through interesting publications.

The Franklin Institute - Terracotta Warriors AR

Visitors can download the museum's app and enjoy the augmented reality to get more information and better understand the Terracotta Warriors - presumably the most interesting part of The Franklin Institute.


They call it Shazam for art. The user takes a photo of an artwork and Magnus instantly tells you the price and the information about the artist and the artwork. This app helps both art lovers and the galleries since they can showcase the work more easily. The app is free and has a 3.3 ration among 33 users.

The Hermitage, St. Petersburg

A virtual tour through one of the best museums in the world, the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg. The app provides virtual and thematic tours. Highlights include info (both visual and text) about the artwork of da Vinci and Rembrandt.

Uffizi Gallery, Florence

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The Uffizi Gallery app will take you on a virtual tour of its famous galleries for the price of. $1.99. The app highlights the collection's important works such as Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, Leonardo’s Annunciation, Raphael’s Madonna of the Goldfinchand Caravaggio's Medusa.


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