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Telecom CX masterclass

Live online roundtable for up to 6 participants
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About the masterclass roundtable

We organized the CX circle masterclass to increase customer experience standards. A maximum of six participants can ask any CX telecom question and get answers from the group.

Masterclass starts: September 2021, exact date and time still need to be established.

Why participate?

By participating in this masterclass will help you:

  • ask a question regarding your current daily CX challenges
  • receive an answer from other professionals in the same industry
  • share your expertise and experience
  • grow your professional network

Masterclass timeline

1. Introduction

2. every participant asks a question

3. the masterclass group answers the question for a maximum of 10 minutes

3. exchange of Linkedin contacts

September 2020 participants

Telecom CX professionals

Is masterclass online only?

For now yes.

Masterclass online platform?

We use Zoom to communicate and to share experience.

What is the masterclass duration?

Everybody have 2 minutes for the question and 10 minutes for the response. Masterclass usually lasts for 60 minutes.

Do I need to use video?

You do not need to use video, you can use only audio or use video at the masterclass start only to introduce yourself.

What after I signup for the masterclass?

We will assess your experience and see will you be a good fit for the group

Can only telecom industry CX professionals participate?

Yes, this is a curated group of people.

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