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We track, probe, design - all with a fresh look
Why 95% of your product endeavors will fail

Most of the business endeavors fail for a variety of reasons. Here is a collection of them from the experienced designer point of view. For all your new ideas and implementation, there is a 95% chance that it will fail. Ego and the need to be right is one of the most problematic traits in any businessman and venture. With 8 years of solid business experience starting from scratch, here is one of the most important thing that I learned. At the start, with my first projects, I was almost hypnotically certain that my ideas are great and that everybody (target audience) will use it.

8 best eCommerce UX agencies in London

Finding a good eCommerce UX design agency in London can be difficult. There is a huge number of agencies but only some of them offer a true multi-discipline approach with concern about the overall product quality.

13 most common UX deliverables design agencies use 2019

User research is an indispensable part of the UX design that consists of various techniques made for a better understanding of user behavior. Before performing user research, it is important to make a research plan.

How to write a great request for proposal (RFP) for UX design (w/Example Template!)

Writing a great request for proposal (RFP) for UX design is an important task because it sets the course of the entire project. Every client is different but there are some general rules that can apply to any client.

Top 5 London UX design agencies 2019

Finding a good UX design agency in London can be difficult. There is a huge number of agencies but only some of them offer a true multi-discipline approach with concern about the overall product quality.

11 tips on how to choose the right user experience UX design agency

As a design agency with extensive knowledge in the UX design field, we are familiar with all aspects of a design agency quality and what should a design agency provide to the client. That's why we decided to help you to choose the right UX design agency. The right UX design agency is essential to your business as it can help you and your company go ahead of your competitors. It can take time to select the right UX design agency but it is neither impossible nor complicated. It is very important for your company to find a strategic UX agency partner so your product can achieve quality grow rates. A good UX design agency is essential, especially in this time of booming IT and rising competition. Companies that have a user-friendly interface have a stronger chance of gaining more trusty customers. The key to an excellent customer experience online lies in quality visual design, low effort task completion and intuitive navigation.

Webflow eCommerce review 2019

Webflow eCommerce is a new online business platform with a great visual editor which allows an unparalleled speed of design changes.

Shopify vs Webflow eCommerce 2019

Which platform should a user choose will depend upon the user's demands in the field of eCommerce. Many users will probably choose Shopify for creating online store because it is longer on the market and has many capabilities like a lot of gateway options, big inventory of products, automated VAT capability, professional reporting (although with a costlier plan) and exporting of product data. There are also many third-party solutions if the user, for some reason, is not satisfied with the integrated solutions.

Increase your startup chances of success with product market fit research

Only a small percentage of startups become financially successful. You think you are that lucky? Increase your chances and do product market fit research.

Usability Testing
On how many users should I test my new product design?

You’ve heard user testing is important so you want to be trendy and do it. You ask your mom, she likes your product. You ask your friends, they like it too! Great, you can continue your work. But hold on a second.

Usability Testing
Are guerrilla tactics enough for recruiting user testers?

Let’s face it, recruiting testers is hard. You need to figure out how many you need, where and how to find them. It’s tedious, time-consuming and always - expensive.

Usability Testing
Designing the simplest time-tracker

Being a small, focused studio, we deliver high-quality design backed with research and testing. While the tools we use to design are great, the ones we used to track time were not up to the task.

User Experience Design
Augmented Reality: Real Estate App Concept

Apartments. An average person will move 11 times in their lives. Imagine how many apartment showings that is. Thousands of listings and thousands of scrolls. Real Estate industry is fast pacing into augmented and virtual reality and real estate agencies are implementing different variations of these new technologies.

Augmented Reality
A silent revolution in digital design - Figma API

A few days ago Figma app released a revolutionary web API for digital design software. (Congrats to Dylan Field and Figma).This is the first time that digital design software has the possibility to match up in features with software in other industries.

User Experience Design
Recruiting Process

We recruit test users. So we know recruiting is time-consuming. That's why we'll find the right people to test your idea/product and you can focus your time on other things.

Usability Testing
Apple Health App Concept - Instant Nutrition Values with AR and AI

Avocado is a concept built by Apple for the healthcare industry that combines AR (augmented reality) mode and with the help of AI (artificial intelligence) scans and identifies nutrition data of your meals.

Concept Design
7 best real estate and architecture augmented reality apps 2018

Overview of the key benefits of the 7 best real estate and architecture augmented reality apps in 2018.

Augmented Reality
Zara AR mobile app fashion concept

In our Zara app redesigned concept, Artificial intelligence recognizes the leg and the foots 3D position. Then, augmented reality overlays the new shoe or sneaker on top of the existing one.

Concept Design
Top Fashion AR App Concepts

Technology is changing fast and is becoming a part of our daily use. Let's take a look at how the fashion industry is keeping up with these new technologies.

Best High Fashion Shoe Apps

We love shoes and we spend a lot of time shopping for them online. That's why we created a cool concept that helps you try sneakers on without going to the store. The concept is augmented reality-based and we can't wait for it to be a standard part of every online shop.

Part one: An interview with Donorbox founder Charles Zhang: 10 years of trying before succeeding

Watch the interview with Charles Zhang the founder of Donorbox, powerful fundraising software, or read the snippets below.

Must see Art Galleries Apps

Augmented reality is taking over many fields in the art world - some of the big museums have AR apps, and a lot of museums and galleries had AR exhibitions. All museums and galleries have websites and a certain number of them have mobile apps and shops integrated. Before even more of them start implementing augmented reality, let's take a look at some of the cool galleries and museum and art mobile apps.

Part two: An interview with Donorbox founder Charles Zhang: Why hitting the niche might determine the success of your product

Watch part two of the interview with Charles Zhang the founder of Donorbox or read the snippets below. Find out how Donorbox succeeded, whether they got any investments and some general advice.

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