Top 14 fashion e-commerce industry trends for 2020

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Top 14 fashion e-commerce industry trends for 2020

Essential trends guide for fashion eCommerce marketing and CX teams
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Topics covered

  • Covid19 impact on fashion retail
  • 1. Ethical brands are disrupting the fast fashion economy
  • 2. Online shops are fighting high return rates with - reviews.
  • 3. AR shopping
  • 4. Voice search is on the rise
  • 5. Mobile is the new desktop
  • 6. Video is still on the rise
  • 7. Shoppable ads on social media
  • 8. Brands are reducing wait time with the help of chatbots
  • 9. Increased number of DTC brands
  • 10. Omnichannel experience
  • 11. Personalization
  • 12. Ethical marketing
  • 13. Asian fashion brands are expanding to west
  • 14. Covid19 crisis boosted fashion eCommerce usage

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  • Read how customer behaviour has changed with Covid-19
  • How you can help your customers
  • How your eCommerce team can innovate in the upcoming years

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