Part one: An interview with Donorbox founder Charles Zhang: 10 years of trying before succeeding



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Watch the interview with Charles Zhang the founder of Donorbox, powerful fundraising software, or read the snippets below.  

Success is hard

"I was watching a video of Jeff Bezos in 1999. when Amazon was worth thirty billion dollars he himself was worth like nine billion dollars and I think he says he wakes up paranoid every single morning ... because there are risk factors from everywhere.
It took me about a solid 10 years of failures to launch something that is being used by a subset of people."


SF is a place where everybody's so open to hearing new ideas and no idea is too crazy there's a lot of outlandish ideas that come to San Francisco and you meet with ambitious people from all sectors of tech and so it's great. It's a great place to marinate your ideas.

"I kinda had a feeling what was missing from other donation forms and we got lucky to have a few test users just by reaching out to a few nonprofits. The key for us was going from 0 to 1 was submitting our apps into these strategic places.

The other key was to start using a donor form which you can just copy and paste the code we created."

A talk with Charles Zhang,
founder at

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