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What is the user experience (UX) design?

User experience design (UX) is the process of creating and enhancing products in order to increase user satisfaction. It is done by improving the design, usability, and functioning of the product. This requires a multi-discipline approach because of the variety of tasks. Since the user experience consultancy is a highly sophisticated activity, hiring professional user experience consultants will bring the best results.

How we made the choice?

The internet is full of various agency listings but mostly they are oriented on only one point like feedback or only how the end design looks or they are paid listings that don't concern about overall product quality and offer agencies that create a terrible design. This is, of course, our take with multiple. Please be sure to check them out in details and then you can make your mind which design agency will you choose for your digital product.

We chose the agencies according to many factors. Some of them include:

  • Quality of final design
  • Quality of UX design
  • Advanced services offer
  • UX experience
  • References
  • Knowledge background

Top UX agencies


Top clients - Warner Bros., Virgin, Google, Apple, Samsung, Novartis, GAP.

Employees - 50 - 249

Fees - £100 - £149 / hr


Beyond is a design company with offices in London, New York, Austin and San Francisco founded in 2010. Their goal is to accelerate transformative customer experiences. They received numerous awards (e.g. The Webby Awards) for their work.

Webpage Tagline: „Using design and technology to create beautiful experiences that transform the world around us.“


  • Product Design & Build
  • Customer Experience Consultancy
  • Product Marketing
  • Technology

Example works

Code and Theory

Top clients - Google, NBC News, Burger King, American Express, Comcast, Maybelline, Hearst.

Employees - 250 - 999

Fees - $100 - $149 / hr


Code and Theory is an acclaimed design agency with offices in London, San Francisco, New York, and Manila founded in 2001. Their work is focused on creating digital platforms that bring many new users but still holds the old ones. Some of their clients are top companies in their field. They won many awards including The Webby Award.


  • User experience design (UX)
  • User interface design (UI)
  • Cross-Platform app development
  • Ecommerce design

Example works

SuperSuper agency

Top clients - Donorbox, MindMeet

Employees - 2 - 9

Fees - $50 - $99 / hr


SuperSuper is a UX design agency based in London, UK and Zagreb, Croatia with representatives in New York, San Francisco, Denver, Seattle Amsterdam, and Copenhagen founded in 2013. They deliver high-quality digital design and UX design consultancy for international clients.


  • User experience design (UX)
  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO)
  • User interface design (UI)
  • Ecommerce design
  • SaaS design
  • Innovative products design

Example works

Creative Navy

Top clients - Jaguar, Philips, University of Sidney, World Customs Organization, Zap Delivery

Employees - 10 - 49

Fees - $50 - $99 / hr


Creative Navy is a UX/UI design agency based in London founded in 2010. They apply clarity and focus to UX design for mobile apps, the web, and native applications. They were voted Top5 Global on Clutch in 2017 and 2018.


  • Product strategy
  • User research
  • User experience design (UX)
  • Interaction design
  • Prototyping and user testing
  • Brand identity
  • Mobile app development
  • Web development

Example works

Momentum Design Lab

Top clients - Morgan Stanley, AT&T, Oracle, Sony, Mastercard, Barnes & Noble

Employees - 10 - 49

Fees - $150 - $199 / hr


Momentum Design Lab is a UX design agency with offices in London, New York, San Mateo and Ciudad de México founded in 2002. They are specialized in human-centric customer experiences across digital product innovation, transformative business processes, and inventive marketing. Some of their clients are the most successful companies in the world. They are regularly among the highest ranking agencies on Clutch.


  • Financial services
  • Healthcare
  • Ad / Marketing technology
  • B2B software
  • Consumer products

Example works


What key points should I consider when hiring a user experience design agency?

Choosing a strategic partner is never easy. We compiled a list of key points that you as a client should consider:

How much does UX design cost?

Every UX agency price is different from the other. Various clients have various requirements who want a unique design every time. Companies charge accordingly, either they have a fixed rate or hourly charge. Hourly rate is usually between $40 - $200 USD depending on the agency.

The usual cost range of medium-sized mobile app project is around 10,000-30,000 USD for mockup/UI quality design that includes interaction prototype.

User research and user testing are priced separately.

What is the process of UX design?

There are a few basic steps for the majority of the UX designing from agencies.

The first step usually involves UX consultancy about the project and project research. This also includes user research etc. Once the service design consultants have identified scope, primary structure, and personas, the designers start working on the ultimate goal; information architecture wireframes, prototype, etc.

Then, the prototype is presented for initial feedback and testing.

After this, the agency starts working on the interface design such as brand colors, typefaces and other design features that are relevant to the brand.

Once ready, the project is then composed into a much higher level of finish. This project is then moved onto the user testing and then ultimately to the development team.

Where can I find and hire a user experience agency?

There are several design blog posts that compiled a list of the best agencies, here are some of them:

Our agency is also offering UX design service so please contact us by using the "Schedule a free 20-minute consultation" link.

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