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Customer Experience
September 7, 2020
September 29, 2020
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Mario Stipetic

Product design lead

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SuperSuper agency

SuperSuper is a CX research, consulting and design agency. Agency writes about how to improve customer experience.

Post examples:

How can eCommerce stores enhance customer experience during Covid19 crisis

How retail companies can increase customer loyalty during Covid19 crisis

Why persona is important for any eCommerce

Forrester blog

Forrester is an American market research company that provides advice on existing and potential impact of technology to its clients and the public.

Post examples:

Introducing The Forrester Tech Sustainability Framework

How To Successfully Pivot To Virtual Events

Vast, Fast, And Relentless: The Future Of How People Buy


CustomerThink is the world's largest online community dedicated to customer-centric business strategy.

Post examples:

How To Use RFM To Prioritize Your Top Customers

Three companies with a great partner in life strategy

How Brands Can Leverage Community to Bolster the Customer Experience

Why Invest In Employee Experience? Six (Proven) Reasons

5 Ways to Thank Your Customers


Pointillist is a customer journey analytics platform that makes it easy for marketers and CX professionals to quickly uncover and optimize the journeys that matter to their customers, so they can dramatically improve customer experience and marketing results.

Post examples:

How to Calculate NPS More Effectively Using Journey Analytics

How To Reduce Churn Using Customer Journey Analytics

What is Customer Journey Analytics?

How to Pick the Best Customer Journey Analytics Platform for Your Needs

10 Powerful Behavioral Segmentation Methods to Understand Your Customers

Metric and technology oriented blogs and newsletters


PeopleMetrics is a small team dedicated to helping our clients measure and improve the experiences of their customers and employees.

Post examples:

B2B VoC and B2C VoC Are Completely Different

5 Strategies for CX Excellence

The 3 Most Valuable Types of VoC Alerts

Do You Need a Survey Tool or a VoC Partner?

Has Your CX Lost The Human Touch?


CustomerGauge is the leading SaaS provider of Monetized Net Promoter® and customer retention software.

Post examples:

Net Promoter® Rookie Mistakes to Avoid

Customer Journey Mapping

How to Grow and Retain Existing Accounts

The Ultimate Guide to Account Experience™

The Definitive Guide to B2B Customer Experience

Qualtrics XM Institute

Qualtrics XM Institute is a thriving global community of Experience Management (XM) Professionals that equips leaders with the skills, knowledge, and community they need to succeed.

Post examples:

A Look Behind the Scenes at XM Institute Research

What’s the Right Mix of O-Data and X-Data?

B2B CX Management Efforts Have Room to Improve

Are Your Experience Management Efforts Outdated? Modernize Them!

Five Tips for Using Our XM Maturity Assessments

People and research oriented blogs and newsletters

Kristina Evey

Kristina Evey is a Customer Experience professional building partnerships, leveraging insights and customer engagement to guide organizations in making data-based, customer-driven decisions to positively impact both the Customer and the Brand.

Post examples:

U.S. Bank Fires Employee for Helping Customer on Christmas Eve

Your Customer’s Priorities Drive the Customer Experience

Customer Experience Questions to Challenge Yourself Every Day

Why Employees Quit Managers, Not Jobs

Get the Right People on Your Customer Experience Team


Shep Hyken is a motivational customer service keynote speaker, expert and author.

Post examples:

When Surprise and Delight Becomes Surprise Without Delight

Does It Matter How You Refer to Your Customers?

Be a Professional

Be Nice—It Doesn’t Cost You Anything

How to Avoid Roadblocks to Great Customer Service

Blogs Oracle

Oracle Blogs is a cloud technology company that provides organizations around the world with computing infrastructure and software to help them innovate, unlock efficiencies and become more effective.

Post examples:

Top Three Tips for a Great Customer Experience - and Other News

It's the Journey That Matters: Improving Customer Experience and Loyalty - and Other News

The Value of Putting Heart Into Your Customer and Employee Listening - and Other News

When Being at the Right Place at the Right Time Is Critical for Field Service

Reimagining the Seller Experience to Meet Buyer Expectations

CX Network

CX Network is an online news source for senior customer experience leaders across the globe who leverage support services, technology, data analytics and best practices to improve customer experience.

Post examples:

Research from CX Network reveals data and analytics as the top CX trend

Customer journey mapping re-emerges as the top CX investment priority

Three things you need to know when designing the digital customer experience

The world’s most customer-centric brands

Only 1 in 10 shoppers say online products meet expectations

Experience Investigators

Experience Investigators is an agency dedicated to helping mid-market and larger companies create a competitive edge by delivering a memorable customer experience.

Post examples:

How To Dispel CX Misconceptions & Miscommunication in Your Organization

To Master Customer Experience Strategy, Master CX Mindset

Customers Want Personalized Experiences AND Privacy. Can They Have Both?

How to Reduce Customer Effort Before it Can Build Up

Service Blueprinting and the Next Normal

Adrian Swinscoe

Adrian Swinscoe is a customer service and experience advisor, speaker, workshop and masterclass leader.

Post examples:

Why we are building the Women In CX community – Interview with Clare Muscutt

Customer success (CS) = Customer experience (CX) + Customer outcomes (CO) – Interview with Nick Mehta of Gainsight

Customer Experience And Politics: Do They Mix?

The value of putting heart into your customer and employee listening

Emerging leadership lessons from the pandemic and what we need from leaders now – Interview with Rachel Neaman

Heart of the Customer

Heart of the Customer is a consultancy that captures the thoughts and emotions of client's customers, so they can optimize each and every customer touch point to build loyalty, elevate their brand, and attract new customers.

Post examples:

Enable CX Action by Removing Barriers

Create a Compelling CX Vision

Not Making CX Progress? Start Saying No

CX Needs Change Management

Experiences Designed for Everybody Satisfy Nobody

Ian Golding

Ian Golding is a Certified Customer Experience Professional and Customer Experience Specialist.

Post examples:

Customer Journey Mapping – are ‘static’ maps a waste of time and money?

Putting the ‘Q’ in CX – People are the measure of everything

The lost suitcase – the sad reality of customer experience evolution

The future of VOC measurement – don’t let organisations do it themselves!

Is your organisation interconnected? The employee – customer chain

Kerry Bodine & Co.

Bodine & Co. works with strategic business leaders to strengthen customer loyalty, fast track revenue growth, and simplify operational complexity.

Post examples:

Embracing Change: The Service Design Global Conference Goes Virtual

The Pandemic Trigger: It’s Time To Update Your Journey Maps

3 Questions To Guide Your “New Normal” Customer Experience Strategy

How To Help During The Pandemic: Figure Out Your Zone of Genius

Why Journey Mapping Is A Team Sport — And How To Get Your Team Involved

Chadwick Martin Bailey

Chadwick Martin Bailey (CMB) is a full-service custom market research and strategy firm, helping the world’s leading brands engage, innovate, and grow.

Post examples:

The Power of Disruption: Uber's COVID-19 Story

Expanding Possibilities in Path to Purchase Research

Fast-Moving, Slow-Thinking: How Friction, Challenges, and Barriers Derail Customer Journeys

Osmosis: What Happens BEFORE "The Path to Purchase?"

Leaning In & Leading Up

Return Customer

Return Customer is an online source of examples from everyday life and the news of how to attract and retain valuable customers.

Post examples:

How to Turn Your Hobby into a Profitable Business

Improving Customer and Employee Retention: Tips and Strategies

8 Ways To Gain Credibility Via Email Marketing

How to Optimize Your Website (Explained Using a Real Example)

Lockdown Learning: What the Recent Pandemic Has to Teach Businesses About Adaptability

CX Journey

A customer experience strategy consulting firm specializing in laying the groundwork required to establish a CX strategy that drives the client's culture transformation efforts.

Post examples:

Culture Fit: Whose Responsibility Is It?

Activate Change With Core Value

Influencer Marketing’s Huge Impact On Customer Experience

Defining And Communicating Your Intended Customer Experience

5+ Ways To Socialize And Operationalize Your Core Values

Our CX research agency runs fresh and high-level community newsletter for CX related roles.

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What will be the most important 2020 fashion eCommerce trend based on your professional experience?

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profile image circle
Mario Stipetic

Product design lead

Mario has worked for New York and San Francisco-based startups and large corporate companies such as ZTE. He specialize in product design solutions.

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