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Customer experience strategy best practices

Customer Experience
August 16, 2021
August 26, 2021
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Mario Stipetic

Product design lead

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UX Consultancy Guide for Clients

Why is customer experience important?

You are not your customer. In most companies, there is a gap between the employees and the real experiences of the customers.

Let's say you are a person responsible for the CX in a company that is growing, eCommerce, retail grocery store, luxury brand, or any retail sale through your own website. How would you start with improving the customer experience?

To narrow the gap, and map out customer experiences, good and bad, we employ various customer experience tactics. 

By improving your customer experience strategy you will gain better loyalty, conversion rates, and loyal brand promoters. 

This article will introduce you to four basic things you need to know to set up and improve your brand cx strategy. 

1. Set CX measuring system

2. Understand your customer better -- with persona and journeys maps

3. develop-cherish-etc a customer-first culture

4. Act and improve (personalize) the experience

1. Set CX measuring system

You can't manage what you don't measure.

Without a measuring system, you and your team will rely on subjective opinions and feelings to make important decisions.

To set the measuring system foundation, first define KPIs- (key performance indicators). KPIs are basically a set of most important metrics for your brand. 

Metrics such as CES (customer effort score) or NPS (net promoter score) usually serves as one of the KPIs.

With a set of initial KPIs metrics, strategic and tactical ones, you will be able to see the priorities to improve upon. With that, your brand will increase sales and gain loyal customers over time. 

For example, with the CES (customer effort score) score, you can reveal that your customers have a high effort score in the post-sale phase. - and that's a sign that you need to research and identify why that is. 

Customer experience dashboard

We also recommend tracking NPS net promoter score and product praise to complaint ratio.

2. Develop a customer-first culture

Your customer is just a competitor away from stopping using your product. In today's competitive market customers choose brands that understand them, support them and share the same values.

If your brand is performance or market-competition oriented, it might lose focus and widen the customer- brand gap.  

The progressive companies that won the market started to build their services and products around the customers.

See the difference:

Our brand marketing team using internal market analysis identified that the demand for product X is increasing, also competition Z has released it in the market. To keep pace we will also offer something similar to our customers..


During our customer research, we noticed that the customers have X challenges, and we found an innovative and sustainable way to solve this challenge. So, we will test whether product Y will solve the challenges our customers face.

Customer-first brand culture will result in better empathy and ensure long term trust and customer loyalty.

Transforming your brand culture to a customer-centric one can be one of the most challenging things to do as it takes years to build it.

You can start by creating a set of main personas, actionable customer journey maps and various customer usability studies.

3. Understand your customer - with persona and customer journey mapping

Persona and customer journey map is the first step towards establishing a viable customer-first brand culture. Without knowing the customer behavior details, motivations, fears, day in the life, media preferences, and content sources you cannot establish any kind of quality relationship.

A set of 3-4 Personas for your main customer groups will give your brand insights into the typical group personality traits. A persona should disclose various actionable details, such as, do they love a certain brand, what type of music do they listen to, where do they spend their day, etc, not just a demographic and high-level overview.

Each persona can have multiple customer journeys that reveal details of their behavior over time in each stage of the marketing funnel.

For example, a customer persona may rely mostly on youtube videos to do their product research in the exploration phase.

 Knowing detailed info will allow your brand to target certain touchpoints and communicate with the customer. For example, you might create Youtube helper videos that compare certain products reliably and help your customer to make a decision.

Persona and customer journey maps are never fully done, when created they constantly need to be updated and more detailed.

We suggest contacting one of CX agencies like ours to create the foundation and gain knowledge on how to update it frequently. Small details make the difference between a non-actionable and actionable person and a customer journey map so be sure to hire someone with experience.

Detailed customer persona
Bad post-sale experience example

4. Personalize the experience

After identifying customer goals, pain points, and key opportunities your brand still needs to act upon those findings. The persona and customer journey mapping is useless unless it is fully acted upon over time. 

You can act by personalizing your customer journey. Currently, there is a lot of confusion when it comes to what personalization is.

When imagining personalization, people usually imagine a product where customers can select various sets of features, for example, to personalize the color of their shoes.

But, you can personalize the experience along the whole customer journey and not just at the product level.

For example, you can make a personalized blog post, a blog post that teaches how to make espresso properly, aimed at-home coffee drinkers.

If you are selling coffee machines, you can personalize your product information to include every single question that your marketing persona type would ask.

With personalized experience, your brand will be able to make less miscommunication and less miss invested assets in marketing, sales, operations, and product design efforts.

With CRM and other personalization tools like, your team can perform various advanced marketing, sales, reporting, and analytics tasks.

With proper customer data, you can link every marketing interaction to key conversion points and identify patterns to optimize the customer journey.

Helping your customer with knowledge in each customer journey stage phase will increase loyalty and enable up-sells and help your customer improve.

Our CX research agency runs fresh and high-level community newsletter for CX related roles.

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What will be the most important 2020 fashion eCommerce trend based on your professional experience?

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Mario Stipetic

Product design lead

Mario has worked for New York and San Francisco-based startups and large corporate companies such as ZTE. He specialize in product design solutions.

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