Zara AR mobile app fashion concept

Concept Design


Mario Stipetic

Mario has worked for New York and San Francisco-based startups and large corporate companies such as ZTE. He specializes in UX solutions for eCommerce sector.

Concept authors: Mario Stipetic, Nina Juretic

Most of the retail businesses are already implementing augmented reality in the business models one way or another. Augmented reality will have a great impact to increase sales of retail online shops so no one want’s to miss out.

Video presentation:

In our Zara app redesigned concept, Artificial intelligence recognizes the leg and the foots 3D position. Then, augmented reality overlays the new shoe or sneaker on top of the existing one.

You can try different shoes and sneakers models by pointing your camera at the mirror. You will instantly see how the shoe will look and match your clothes and body shape.

After you saw the preview, you can easily buy them.

This is just one of the ways that technology will soon save time and increase the trust in online shopping to the customer.

Similar technology will soon be available for mobile retail shops. We designed this concept as a future prediction and to show how technology will shape our shopping habits.

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